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This is a mirror of Elmer Studios. With the imminent doom of geocities approaching, I decided I did not want one of my favorite spots in the internet to go dark. Therefore I am hosting this mirror. All C&C remain with the Fauths and all props should go to them. I did not write anything here, nor am I trying to claim credit for it.
Respectfully submitted, The Management.

Two Radam Tekkamen were guarding it, and tried to engage Sommer in battle, but he cut them to pieces easily.

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Updated 20/11/03!


That's right! Its Elmer episode 150! YOu all thought we were were gone for good but... nope, we're back, large as life and twice as ugly. And for the big 150 we're presenting a "special" format MSTing in the form of The Wandering Star Saga. It's full of Krokojam goodness!

Also check out the Bonus Continuity Theatre! That's right it's an Elmer Studios/Mystery Octagon Theatre/ImproFicRoast Crossover Special! Hopelessly Lost, Parts one and two, a generous serving of Bubblegum Crisis SI as only Eyrie knows how to do it.

Welcome, one and all, to the homepage of Elmer Studios MSTings! A series of MSTings of bad anime fanfics and comics written by Jinas Zogster and Rick R. Mortis. The various characters of our RPG campaigns, as well as any other random passing loonies, are hired as a review council for fanfictions by a mysterious employer - who can't seem to find anything but rubbish to send them. To get them through the day (and get their paychecks), they "riff" the fanfic, making silly comments, rude suggestions or just plain ranting about it.

Elmer studios has done to date lots of MSTings, (and more still being riffed!), all of which can be found in the great colossal episode guide below.

The great Elmer Studios episode guide!

Elmer Studios: Classic, containing Episodes 1-49

Sex And Violence: The DELTA Years, containing Episodes 50-99

Episode 100: Bubblegum Crisis: Megatokyo Change part 1
It's 202X. Do you know where your MSTers are?
One fine day while walking home to her eighteen-room hole in the wall, Michelle Orlando-Grey is struck down by a free-range plot contrivance, giving her super powers. It also changes her from a frumpy, middle-aged Caucasian to a cute, perky Japanese teenager. Go figure. Armed with her newly contrived abilities, she sets out to fight for truth, justice, and making sure that Irene Chang doesn't get killed in episdoe two. Sho's mother is still on her own.
Riffers: ?, ?, ? and ?
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 101: Bubblegum Crisis: Megatokyo Change part 2
Nanites are cool. Nanites can do everything. Just ask Michelle Ashley Monica Grey Winters Angel. Thanks to nanotechnology, she can become a superhero or a cute, perky teenager, make gautlets that fire zap zap blasts and punch through boomers like they're made out of ice cream and build a near-monomolecular sword. Whats more, they let her join the Knight Sabers and tell Sylia how to run the team. It's not like she knows what she's doing or anything. No Nanites were harmed in the making of this fic. The treecat was on its own.
Riffers: ?, ?, ? and ?
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 102: Bubblegum Crisis: Megatokyo Change part 3
Michellemon, Digivolve into... HyperMonicamon!
Yep, it's getting that goofy! Michelle unveils even more nanite abilties, and even more details of her own background, which would have been nice during her life story back in part one. But all the imagination seems to have gone into her own waykewl abilities, rather than the actual story. It's a pity, because it runs exactly the same as BGC episode 6, despite the new character and Sylvie being alive...
Riffers: ?, ?, ? and ?
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 103: Evangelion: The Dark Side, part 2
Raiu's advenutes in NERV Land continue! In an effort to make her a better person, Raiu dominates Rei, bends her to his will and forces her to do things so she will learn not to be anyone's puppet. (eh?) Shinji avoids this by haning around in the hospital, watching Asuka and CENSORED. In the middle of all this, another Uberkid turns up at NERV, but he is in no way an angel or a dragon. Got it?
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Tango
Written by: Tim, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 104: Evangelion: The Dark Side, part 3
"Nuyo cra, yun chara. Yo nek tiem hou fek, tou chi lonu taiwe tou gren sot yun." Whatever.
Asuka's Back! And now her EVA has been enhanced with the unholy power of Cosplay! Hoody-hoo! Raiu takes a break from his torrid relationship with Kea to beat the living crap out of the Big White Dragon (TM), while still sparing time to put down Gendo and dominate Rei. But he only does it because he cares. Plus, the least best kept secret in all of Dark Side is revealed! The out come will not surprise you in the least.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Tango
Written by: Tim, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 105: The Doomed Generation
"Aaaaaaaggghhh!!! Frostbite, I'm telling you, this SUCKS! You want to know how much this sucks?"
And now for something completely different. In order to avoid the bloodshed that would be caused by another Evangelion fic, the Voice feeds the team a DV8 fic instead. The basic plot? DV8 goes to Disneyworld. Yep, you got that right. As if thing's weren't screwed up enough, a team of elite super-powered jobbers from P.O.P.E are on their tails. Surprisingly enough, wackiess ensures.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 106: Evangelion/Slayers part 5
Warning: Contains Disclaimer
It's time for the battle you've all been waiting for! On one side, we have Ramiel, the fifth angel and giant killer eight-sided dice of doom. On the other side, we have Lina Inverse, The world's most powerful and beautiful sorceress, frightener of dragons and slayer of bandits. Oh yeah, there's some Evangelion characters wandering around, but they don't have much to do with this. Plus more amusing disclaimers!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick, Yuki
Written by: Jinas, Rick R. Mortis & Trevor Laughlin

Episode 107: The Knight Sabers Meet Their Match
This fic defies description... But I'll try anyway. Nene delivers some handy exposition which sends the Knight Sabers on their way to Genom Tower. Once there they encounter a rampaging Ultra-Mega-Mega Boomer which can only be stopped with the power of the Plot Device! Nene gets to kick butt throuought this fic. That tells you how screwed up this fic is.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 108: Recollections of a Tekkaman, chapters 1-3
"Aha! I'm the almighty Tekkaman Shrapnel, and I'm really, really evil! I have kittens on toast with Vegemite for breakfast! Muahahahhaha!"
Shrapnel and his colourfully named Tekkaman friends are all the stars of the new fic, Recollections of a Tekkaman. And while Shrapnel is quite a character himself, it's really about Brandon Atkinson, a cartographer who lists his hobbies as pouring whisky on GPS systems, getting lost somewhere near Hudson Bay, freezing to death and drowning. He's got a great future ahead of him. All this, plus (not) Second Impact!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 109: Recollections of a Tekkaman, chapter 4
No Zoanoids were harmed in the making of this fanfic. Everyone else was on their own.
Recollections of a Tekkaman goes into loopy overdrive, flying head-first into the FIGHT SCENE! Or, at least what passes for one, in between all the ranting, pose breaks, improbable powers, spell-casting, new characters popping up for now good reason, combustable extras, Zoanoids (?) and even a funeral. Oh yeah, and there's a main character in there somewhere (we think), but he doesn't really do much.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 110: Recollections of a Tekkaman, chapter 5 with short Two Wars That Meet part 1.
Well, what do you expect? I'm Evil! EVIL!
Legends tell of a great Tekkaman warrior, who fought many great battles against many great enemies. He had power, resilliance and abilities unmatched by any other. And while he was often defeated, he would never die. His name was Colt. In the meantime, Shrapnel, Shadow, IceBlade, Tekka-Throwaway, Rift and Zar all get together in the one place for the final confrontation between good and evil... or nearest approximation of it.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 111: Evangelion: The Dark Side, part 4
"I like you, Raiu! You are defintely the coolest guy to ever have a pumpkin for a head!"
The shocking truth about Gendo is revealled! No, it's nothing about him and Ritsuko. Get your minds out of the gutter. Anyway, we find out the real reason why he dislikes Raiu. And surprusingly enough, it's not because he's an annoying, overbearing, obnoxious, omnipotent whinny litle brat. Also, Raiu does DIY heart surgery, and the return of the Anchient Astronauts!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Tango
Written by: Tim, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 112: Neon Exodus Evangelion (The other one)
Damn you, flashing yellow dot! Damn you!
Before the promo begins, I'd like to explain something. This is not Neon Exodus Evangelion. There is no DJ Croft, no Jon Ellis, no Truss, no Keller, no Wedge, no Gweeps, no Worchester-3, no Lara Croft, no Fox Mulder, no HAL and no SHODAN. This is the other Neon Exodus Evangelion. Everyone got that? Good. Anyway, Shinji wakes up and finds that his problems have gotten even worse. And then... Uh, sorry. Out of promo space.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 113: A Wish Come True Part 1
I told you this would happen... but no one ever listens to the second in command...
A wibbly-wobbly swirly thing in space accidentally transports a UN Spacy Warship and an unidentified Zentraedi cruiser (We've narrowed it down to being one of the big green ones) into Evangelion. It goes downhill from there. Hikaru Ichijoe and Max Sterling are both involved. This is odd, because neither of them should be there. Asuka then confuses matters by showing up several episodes early. A fight scene allmost occurs which leads to the prospect of something really, really bad happening. All this and less!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 114: A Wish Come True Part 2
Warning! Contains Kensuke!
A Wish Come True continues relentlessly. Kensuke repairs an adavnced fighter with only primative materials avalible to him, and then learns how to pilot it in a matter of mere seconds. I wish I was making this up. Scenes randomly change as people exchange sentance fragments with one another. New characters randomly wander on and off the screen, while one-line throwaways drop like flies! In the middle of all this, there may or may not be a story happening. We're not to sure either. Toji doesn't even appear, which is probably for the best.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 115: The Powerpuff Girls Meet The Incredible Hulk
He's big, he's mean, he's green and he has a thing for Hostess Fruit Pies. He's the Incredible Hulk and he's just wandered into the fair city of Townsville. You can sense immanent disaster coming, can't you? Random radioactive monsters run into the set to smash stuff up while Professor Utonium tries to cure Bruce Banner's "embarassing social problem" by zapping him. They should try using Chemical X instead.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Tango
Written by: Tim, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 116: Mystery Octagon Theatre Crossover Special! Undocumented Features Book Two: The long Road, Parts one and two.
It's the touching story of two men and their love for their imaginary animated women.
The second chapter in the infamous self-insertion magnum opus that is "Undocumented Features," "The Long Road" tells the story of Gryphon, MegaZone, ReRob, Kei, Yuri (yes, that Kei and that Yuri), and the rest of the Wedge Rats as they get a brand new set of toys, learn that they've been groomed from birth to do something special, have long and warm conversations at midnight with their computer-generated metafictive girlies, are a little more smartassed towards their near-omnipotent benefactor than really seems prudent, are far more smartassed towards Iczer-3 than seems prudent at all, and rip off every single '80s science-fiction convention there is! If that doesn't make any sense to you, you're nowhere near drunk enough to enjoy this 'fic!
Riffers: Darkheart, Racewing, Tiffa, MMK, Gavok, The Black Snotling, Lynxara and Rebecca Bartley
Written by: Thomas Wilde, The Black Snotling, Nicholas Eckert, TV's Gavok, Damien "SAMAS" Hailey, Asako Hisamatsu, James Howard the MultiMediocre Knight, David "Ice Fenix" LaSalle, Signus Megido, Mua, Nippy, Mark Poa, S.D. Ryukage, Shelby "Darkheart One" Scott, John Stoddert, Tiffa, Alicia Ashby, Rick R. Mortis & Keith Palmer

Episode 117: Back From the Abyss and Bar Time Blues
Chance of Floating Island increased to nintey percent
It's after the last episode of Cowboy Bebop, so naturally, Spike Speigel is a bit surprised to find that he is still alive. What's more, Ed and Ein are back on the Bebop as if they never went away. Oh, did I mention that Big Shot is back on? Retcons abound as the crew get back together, get all touchy feely, get shot at, meet some uninteresting people and generally do the kind of stuff they did before the show ended, but with less emotional baggage. Oh, and there's a new character shoe-horned in there to boot.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 118: Evangelion: The Dark Side, part 5
"Kea, take your pants off and turn around."
It's time for more of that dark and goofy Raiu fun as the adventures of our favourite angel-human-Evangelion fuzor with the head of a fourteen year old nincompoop continue! Lots of new EVA pilots turn up, and their plugsuits are described in detail. Some more EVAs turn up, fresh from an EVA-R yard sale. Rei gains funky new powers as the teacher rambles on (guess what about) and then Kea shows up! Guess what happens to him after that. Just guess.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Tango
Written by: Tim, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 119: Space Waltz Fastest Non-Koopa Elmer MSTing Ever!
And now, back from his tour of the ASADAE Floating island, please give a big hand for Spike Spiegel!
Spike's Back! Yay! Being dead isn't going to keep this guy down, no sir-eee. Instead he's lounging around the Bebop, being tortmented by Faye, tormenting Jet and generally being disturbingly OOC, and, well, alive. After doing this for two-thirds of the fic, the crew decide to chase down a Bounty Head who's bumped off 249 other bounty hunters in the last couple of weeks. Oddly enough, nobody seems to have ever heard of him. Still Ed-Free at this point.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Tango
Written by: Tim, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 120: Digiman
You know, Zero, for a guy with no lungs, you play the harmonica pretty well.
From the pen of Wanderer D comes another, er, interesting crossover. Dr Wily abducts Matt and turns him into Zero. He then promptly builds him a themed level and locks him in a featurless square room. Why? Who knows. Some more stuff happens and continuity goes out the window, but you guessed as much. This fic does not contain a disclaimer. Sorry.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 121: Space Waltz, Part 2
Say, where do you keep that big motherf'king gun, little buddy?
As this fic continues, Spike is still alive, despite all efforts to render him otherwise. In the meantime, people all over Venus are catching the lurgi, and the only thing that can save them are Newtypes. I guess this means more silly looking Mobile Armours, right? All this and the inane Natsui returns and she's special. Yes, I mean that the way you htink I mean it.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Tango
Written by: Tim, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 122: Space Waltz, Part 3 & 4
Truth be told, this story doesn't have much of a plot.
Well, the authour said it herself, and who could argue? Even if there isn't a plot, it does feature one "happy-hyper-psycho-child-genius-on-crack," one data dog and at least one Saiyan. WAFF happens for no good reason, but then again, does anything in this fic have a reason? Still no newtype control Mobile Armours, but we're hoping. Special four-corners MSTing!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tango, Ling Ling
Written by: Tim, Susano, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 123: Another Unnamed FF7 Fanfic
Tifa would be perfect as Lara Croft. Her polygons are big enough for it.
Three years after the end of FF7, Cloud has turned into a cool dude and hangs around the beaches, showing off his "ultima weapon" to the babes. Cid has turned into a henpecked husband, while Barret has turned into Basil Fawlty. Tifa, on the other hand, is playing the lead in Tomb Raider movies, which means she's doing the same as she allways does only with a fake accent. I wish I was making this up. Emerald and Ruby weapons revive, and everything does downhill from there. Also, the Dog-Lion war continues while Dan tries to define his webcomic.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 124: Snakes in Megatokyo Part 1
Once... wasssss... a man...
As if the fair city of Megatokyo didn't have enough to worry about with GENOM and rampaging Boomers, it's now being threatened by Cobra. Yes, It's a GI Joe/Bubblegum Crisis crossover. Deal. Our favourite bunch of strangely-inept intenrational criminals have set up shop in Tokyo to launch some master plan and are ignoring the fact that there's fifty years difference between them and BGC. What are they up to? Can the Knight Sabres stop them? And most importnatly, will we get to see the Baroness in a Hardsuit? Does not contain Larry Hamma, although that may be an improvement.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 125: Snakes in Megatokyo Part 2
Dr Mindbender fetch... the comfy chair!
Just when you thought you'd seen it all, the second half of Snakes in Megatokyo comes along. Having failed to convince Sylia to build hardsuits for him, Cobra Commander kidanps Mackie to, well, do the same thing. Linna gets to do stuff, which comes as a shock to everyone. Sylia wigs out, hits the bottle and starts mowing down Vipers by the truckload. No members of GI Joe get to do anyhting in this chapter, so you have to wonder why the author put them there in the first place. Plus a special guest appearance by Generic Mugger!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 126: Mitchell the GI Joe
Specs here is a genius. He's the inventor of the artificial appendix and the underwater barbeque.
A major event occurs which will shake the very foundations of the Elmer Studios MSTing team! Who will live, who will die, and, above all else, who actually cares? In the meantime, we have a GI Joe self-insertion (say what?) to deal with. After Duke dies (really this time), the Joes add a pair of new members to the team (In case you hadn't guessed from the title). One's a monkey boy self-insert with MAD SCIENCE SKILLZ and the other one's, well, different. Yeah. In the end, a plot kind of happens and the fic kind of ends, but it doesn't really.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick
Written by: Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 127: Bubllegum Clash
Sorry, there's no Brian J Meison here.
In the aftermath of the last episode, the Elmer Studios HappyTemp Program begins. And thier first victim, er, recruit (Yeah, that's the ticket) gets to lock intellectual horns with a Bubblegum Crisis self-insertion. So much for comon sense. Anyway, the mysterious Brian J Meison (Not to be confused with Brian J Mason) plots mysterious plots, and then dies in the prolouge, which kind of ruins it all for him. Priss performs the same song (again) while a Boomer disguised as an 80's Mazda goes on the rampage. Meanwhile, Quincny is evil (But you guessed that) while Leon and Daley swap innuendos. There may actually be a SI in here, but we're blowed if we can find him. Features the most obscure joke ever!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Tango
Written by: Tim, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 128: Neon Exodus Evangelion 1.7
New and improved Jon Ellis, now with added spine!
It's all fun and action here in sunny Worchester-3! Rei and Asuka meet and hit it off, which is followed by an attack by a completely out of order angel. This causes Jon (He's special) to actually DO SOMETHING! (Although it looses all its apeal once you realise he's just filling in for Shin-boy.) DJ shows off his MAD SKILLZ Danger Room and then gets all WAFFy with Misato in a lift. Throw in zany comedy antics, some INTENSE VIDEOGAME DESCRIPTION ACTION and lots of Eyrie in-jokes, and it's a wrap! Help.
Riffers: Rebecca, Tsuneo, Sandara, Gouka
Written by: Shinji, Jinas & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 129: Robocop/Bubblegum Crisis 2040: Lost in an Alternate Universe Part 1
Then a plot hole happens.
After a title like that, you really don't need a promo for this, do you?
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Altenrate Universe Natasha
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 129: Robocop/Bubblegum Crisis 2040: Lost in an Alternate Universe Part 2
Presenting a Robocop filme with different names.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Altenrate Universe Natasha
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 131: Neon Exodus Evangelion (The other one) Part 2
In which Shinji is more effeminite then usual, and Kensuke is oddly butch.
Still no Jon Ellis. Sorry! Instead we've got the on-going adventures of Shinji In Space (with more problems than you thought possible.) In between fighting flashing yellow dots (remebmer them?) and being further confused by the mindlessly drippy Dr Ishako, Shinji has got to figure out how to live life as, well, Rei. And you thought Dan had problems. Kensuke is still there, by the way, and is being disturbingly competent, which means he's doing better than the captain. Humanity is doomed.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Celena
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 132: Space Waltz, Parts 5 & 6
Please welcome our next guest on the Floating Island, Cowboy Andy!
That's right! As if enough hadn't been retconned so far in this fic, Andy shows up and guess what, he's still a cowboy. That's okay, because Spike still hates him. If this fic keeps on retconning, it'll soon wipe out the big bang. Sadly, there's no sign of Teddy Bomber, but we can only hope. In the meantime, Nasutei continues to be mind-blowingly twee and Jet dies.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Tango
Written by: Tim, Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 133: A New Guyver with short Matt Enters
At least it's not Aeris or Sephiroth this time.
Because they can't accomplish anything themselves, Chronos calls on Mitchell, a teenager from America to do everything for them. The heroes respond by dragging Mizuki, the helpless girlfriend, right into Chronos' fortress. Obviously. Things go downhill from there, as we are treated to the world's worst lightbulb joke, a succession of random characters and Aptom's lethal dialogue. Add an FF8 short fic (type two, villain returns), and have some toast.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Karen
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 134: Bubblegum Crisis: Urban Discord Part one
They'll never spot the albino in the black coat.
Ashley Asakiri is a fugitive. He's hunted by Genom, he's hunted by the police and he's hunted by some other generic nigh-omnipotent megacorporation. He's come to megatokyo to hide from these dangerous foes, which is why he likes to draw attention to himself, generally act like a self-important idiot and regester everything under his real name. Fortunately he's on the Jon Ellis program (and is thus special) and has an array of plot contrived powers to help him out of the messes he gets into. Linna has only one line in this fic. Treasure it.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Tango
Written by: Tim, Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 135: Street Kombat Raiders Part one
Mortal Kombat is an annual torunament where a whole bunch of ninjas get together and change colour for no reason.
For some strange reson, Gill is running the street fighter tounrament. Then, he decides to cancel it and cross over to Mortal Kombat. Everyone rides in school busses to Hong Kong, where Raiden exposits at them and re-enacts Enter the Dragon. Everyone arrives on Mortal Kombat Island, which causes them to go OOC. Clothes are descrived at length, while Balrog, Sagat and Vega try to find the Bad Guy tent. Jade jiggles while Ken forgets that he's married (Hint: Ring?) and Ryu gets plastered and misses Kitana fawning all over him. Lui Kang gets eaten, but nobdy seems to care. Tomb Raider may be involved somehow, but I'm blowed if I know where.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Sandra Blackmore (No, not that one.)
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 136: Street Kombat Raiders Part two
When Cobra Commander calls up and says you're an idiot, seek help.
With his fighters ropping dead left, right and centre, Bison enacts his master plan. He breaks into the Earth Realm base and commits the ultimate evil act. That's right, he steals Chun Li's shoes! The cunning fiend. Naturally, everyone drops everything to try and resolve this dilemma. The other villains react to this development by basically sitting around and doing nothing. After that, who can blame them? Then Lara Croft (finally) shows up and the fic ends. Hokuto does nothing, but what did you expect from an EX character. No deer were harmed in the making of this fic, but we can't say the same for the riffer's sanity.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Sandra Blackmore (Still not that one.)
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 137: El Hazard: The World of Good and Evil Part one
Surpised? Don't be. Like who doesn't have a Demon God.
After a fight with a tree (that he lost), Jinnai goes on a mystical journey to find the ultimate weapon with which he can rule all of El Hazard. Five minutes later, he finds it. Faced with this new peril, everyone decides to engage in zany comedy hijinks, and then go on a picnic. Makoto's house explodes (again?) while Jinnai's new found Demon God (Male, surprisingly) fails to impress, even with his "mighty staff." A whole bunch of mountains spontaniously show up, only to be destoryed by the new-found megaweapon. Pity he can't really do too much else.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick 3rd Edition Elana
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 138: Neon Exodus Evangelion 1.8
0745 hours. Asuka Undresses. Record and store.
Watch as Asuka vents her anger at an inanimate computer sensor! Thrill as DJ examines the contents of a desk draw! Eat Popcorn as Jon Ellis saves the day by handily filling in for Shinji again! Yes, it's a thrill-a-minute here in the whacky, wild wordl of Neon Exodus Evangelion!. DJ is leaving us (aww) so it's up to the undercard squashes Rei, Jon and Asuka to save the day. Can Jon use thermodynamics to trumph overr the angel? Will Asuka buy the frilly pink dress? Does Gendo like toast? What is HAL up to? And where is Shinji anyway? All this and less!
Riffers: Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Sandara, Gouka
Written by: Shinji & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 139: Crossed Crisis Part one
Can I tell you again just how wonderful my bike is?
In order to distract the zoo crew from Sealab 2021ising Galtar and the Golden Lance, the Voice hits them with a Bubblegum Crisis/Bubblegum Crisis 2040 crossover. The hell? A mysterious man shows up who is obviouisly BGC 2040's Mackie doing a terrible effort at covering his identity. Meg and Lou the Sexaroids also show up, but stand around looking confused like they were meant to be dead or something (Hint, they are). Mackie, er, Max, discribes his bike in disgusting detail while the Knight Sabers swap innuendos but generally do nothing. Its like Moonlight Rambler only with Raiu the Dragon digitally added in! Warning! Contains spoilers for the Dreamwave Transformers comic, but if you've read it you'll know what will happen anyway.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Tango
Written by: Tim, Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 140: El Hazard: The World of Good and Evil Part two
When in doubt, exposit!
Neekia manages to duplicate himself, which gets things off to a flying start. After travelling around inside his skull, Makot manages to find his good side, which roughly translates into "scared sh*tless little nancy-boy side." This causes him to explain his backstory in excrucuating detail to Makoto. Three years later, they decide on a course of action! Will Neekia be reunited with, well, himself? What is the secret of this mysterious and strangely inept demon god? Where did he come from? Where were his arms made? why is the sky blue? All this may be explained, but don't bet on it.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick 3rd Edition Elana
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 141: The King of Fighters 2001 Female Fighters Story EX: Part 2- Burning Heart Explosion! The New Female Fighters Team Is Formed (gasp) Part one
I'm beginning to think this whole fic is a pointless interlude.
A couple of random characters die in passing in the opening scene which causes their teammate to go fishing where she meets up with someone from Japan who spilled instant noodles all over his hero's girlfriend's painiting and fled to America. Wouldn't you? In another scene, dead people threaten someone in their pajamas and a helicopter is shot down by a jeep full of shoto-clones, crashing into a loveable street oyster during a concert. Guppy. Then someone else collect-calls to Korea, which means two convicts are coming over to dinner. I think. By now, I've lost the plot, and it's only the introduction. I have no idea what half these characters are doing, but then again, neither does the authour.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Gem
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 142: Crossed Crisis Part two
I'm tired of talking about how cool I am. What to hear about my bike instead?
Despite being shot through the heart, BGC 2040 Mackie Raiu the Dragon "Max" is alive and (more or less) well. Having managed to shrug off a fatal wound, he recovers by telling his backstory. Three years later, he's still going. Everything you know is wrong, black is white, up is down and short is long, but there's no good explanation as to why his bike can traverse dimensions, how a mild-mannered nerd can become a sungalsses-at-night, geeky badarse or why he has sexaroid eyes that he can't control. Meg an Lou are alive for no good reason, but he doesn't explain that either. Nam was on her own. In the end, Largo completely fails to show up and we learn that OVA Ifurita has cool hair. Thank you.Warning! Contains spoilers for the end of BGC 2040. Or, at least it does if you can understand Tango.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Tango
Written by: Tim, Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 143: The King of Fighters 2001 Female Fighters Story EX: Part 2- Burning Heart Explosion! The New Female Fighters Team Is Formed (breathe!) Part two
Now to recap the recap of the last recap...
It's a nice sunny day for random characters to wander into the fic. Take the Fatal Fury team who show up for two pages and do nothing, except let the main characters recap the first half of the fic. They then wander into a restaraunt where a character from a completely different game shows up, also for no reason, and asks them to recap what they already recapped. Then they recap it again. Then someone else walks in for no good reason which results in a recap. The fic is resolved by phone, which involves a recap, and somewhere in the middle of it all someone fights an uncanny simulation of Dan Hibiki, who's wandered into the wrong games company. Then it ends (we think). After that we get summaries of all the teams in the fic (with recaps), including the ones that weren't. No-one else dies in this chapter, at least not on screen.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Gem
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 144: Flight of the Nova Cat
I will fight to defend the earth with every fibre of my being. But first... I must play with this ball of wool!
As the Crisis of Infinite Temps (TM) claims another victim, the Elmer Crew (plus job applicant) face off against a Macross fic. A whole bunch of people are on a base testing out the Valkyrie fighter very badly. We don't know who they are or what they're doing, but we do know that there's one more weretiger than would be normal! Shock horror! In the mean time, the world's least effective spies try to counter each other's evil plans, while UN Spacy relays confidential information by word of mouth. Finally there's a WCW 1998 main event (Spear, Jackhammer, Splat, F**k you WCW(R)) for a good two grumpy Indians. If you have any idea what I'm saying, please let me know
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Andriana
Written by: Jamie Jeans, Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 145: Outlaw Bebop: We Give Cowboys a Star
We'll leave him alone and unguarded in this unlocked room so he won't get away.
Spoiler Alert! After Real Folk Blues Spike Speigel finds that he is strangely alive. Why? We're not sure. Hwever, a random attack by a zillion mooks and Random Exposition Ninja completely fails to fix that and only serves to re-unite the cast. Then, despite the obvious difference of billions of light years and several centuries the Bebop Crew go out to get a bounty on Gene Starwind. Right. A man showes up named after a Russain Mountain Range (Still with me?) and shoves the plot along which allowes Spike to capture Gene and ends up causing Suzuka to trip over a rock. In the end it turns out to all be the fault of a guy called Maxwell Murder who is, oddly enough a murderer. One anticlimax and a million run-ins later, it ends. Thankfully. No Ninjas were harmed in the making of this fic.
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Sarah
Written by: Susano, Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 146: Robotech Double Feature
I calculated the odds of my succeeding versus the odds of my doing something incredibly stupid... then I went ahead and did it anyway.
Elmer Studios presents a double helping of Robotech Shortfic goodness. While both our fics, Encounter in Beta Omicron and Betrayal in the Snowy Desert are by different people about different characters and set at different times in different places, they are strangely alike. I'm sure this is significant, but it'd hurt me to think why. Follow the adventures of Chad Malloy and Andrew Ness as they stumble their way through life and try to, in their own unique ways, make the world a far safer place on which to live. Watch as Chad carries on an intelligent conversation with his mech while Andrew wanders around looking for snow in the middle of the desert. (huh?) Features special guest narration by Excel!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Janice (Who?)
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 147: Sting, the Devil's Angel Part one
The best place to hide form pirates is with the people they're hunting!
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sting. Sting is just your typical, run of the mill Space Pirate Ctarl-Ctarl with a pet cabbit and a dual identity, save for the fact that she's part Bio-Android (Huh?). So, as you can see, she's nothing special whatsoever. Which doesn't explain that why she becomes absolutely essential to Starwind and Hawking enterpises within about three seconds of joining them. Watch as Sting effortlessly takes over the entire company! Thrill as she gives her cabbit a makeover! Eat popcorn as she single-handedly brings down the most dangerous pirates in the universe! Shrug with indifference as Aisha allmost gets a line! Actually, it's all worth it for the image of a Goth Ctarl-Ctarl with a punk cabbit.
Riffers: Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Andriana, Sarah, Tango
Written by: Jamie Jeans, Susano, Tim, Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 148: Sting, the Devil's Angel Part two
This serum contains a mix of Dinosaur and Ctarl-Ctarl DNA. The end result should be Interesting. Or at least, funny-looking.
A rash of mysterious crimes have been occurring in genetic engineering labs that have the authorities stumped. Fortuntely for them, Sting the Super Space pirate Goth Ctarl-Ctarl Bio-Android with a Punk Cabbit and the head of a twelve-year-old nicompoop is here to save the day! After, ooh, fifteen seconds of careful study, she figures out exactly what's going on. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't blatantly obvious, I guess. A careful stakeout is planned which results in an explosion. Will Jim and Gene get to do anything? Will Aisha get a line? Will Sazuka actually appear? And will Sting die or become a Genetically Enhanced Super Space pirate Goth Ctarl-Ctarl Bio-Android? All I know is that I like saying a Genetically Enhanced Super Space pirate Goth Ctarl-Ctarl Bio-Android. Try it some time.
Riffers: Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Sarah, Tango
Written by: Susano, Tim, Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 149: Neon Genesis Evangelion II: The Gates of Oblivion
Rock. Canada. Go. Now.
The Crisis of Infitnite Temps reaches its stunning conclusion! After it had achieved heights of Infamy, The authour of DELTA Invasion decided that DELTA didn't fit his "vision" for Evangelion. So he replaced it with a fic that's almost entirely the same. I guess itís the thought that counts. Anyway, after the end of the series (and the retconning of episodes 25 and 26), NERV is preparing for yet another double date with certain death. Who can save them? Why it's Tom Dyron Hiditio Nikaido, the 6th Children and pilot of EVA-04 (That thing again?) Oh yeah, he's not just any old EVA pilot. He's a multi-millionaire who's one of NERV's secret backers and is also, for want of a better term, special. That's right, it's DELTA Invasion only with 90% more literacy!
Riffers: Dan, Rebecca, Tsuneo, Rick Unknown 70 ESRM
Written by: Zogster & Rick R. Mortis

Episode 150: The Wandering Star Saga part one. New Release!
Say boss, you don't think there's any chance of her breaking out or being rescued after her transformation is complete but before her mind is enslaved, turning her into an awesome force of vengeance that will destroy us all?
Naw, what are the chances of that happening again?

A week ago, we at the Multiversal Television Network received an anonymous package. Inside it was a tape, with a note saying 'to be played on the advent of my death or being sent flying across the city in a rocket-propelled flaming wooden packing crate.' The contents of this tape were, to say the least, illuminating. It was the MSTing of a Robotech/Tekkaman Blade II crossover. Dana Sterling falls through a plot hole and ends up being captured by the evil, yet strangely amusing Radam warlord, Krokojam. Actually, Krokojam kinda steals the hwole show. Usually we're agaisnt this sort of thing, but we'll let him off since he's so fun.
Riffers: ?, ?, ? and ?
Written by: Zogster, Rick R. Mortis and Tim

Bonus Continuity Theatre!: Mystery Octagon Theatre/ImproFicRoast Crossover Special! Hopelessly Lost, Parts one and two. New Release!
Another "Undocumented Features" side-story, "Hopelessly Lost" continues that series's proud tradition! A mysterious plot contrivance transports Gryphon and Zoner back to a futuristic Worchester, and from there to Megatokyo, forty years in their future. Shortly, Zoner's packed full of cyberware, Gryphon's much better than Zoner at everything even though he isn't full of cyberware, they have really cool cars with no doubt factory standard particle cannons, and the Knight Sabers get a hearty dose of love, Eyrie-style! Yes, listen and witness as Gryphon becomes Iron Man, the Knight Sabers accept them into their ranks for no good reason, Gryphon spends far too long describing a game of Wing Commander, there's a "Kung Fu" cameo that actually mugs the unsuspecting reader, and all the lyrics for "Money for Nothing" are thrown into the middle of the story for no good reason! Bounce to it!
Riffers: MMK, Vidstudent, S.D., Jonatan, Ranma X, NeoVid, Rebecca Bartley and Tango
Written by: Signus Megido, Mark Poa, Ranma X, NeoVid, S. D. Ryukage, Jonatan Streith, The MultiMediocre Knight, Rick R. Mortis, Austin Loomis, Nicholas "Vidstudent" Eckert, The Black Snotling, t.ogre, Alair, Thomas Wilde, Zetazsol, Majin, Marvolo's Sidekick and Zemyla

Also from Elmer studios:

My extra special thanks to: Tim McLees for housing our MSTings, Mike Surbrook for the inspiration for the format, Timmy Mac, Mike, Jamie Jeans and Alicia Ashby for co-writing with us and especially Tina for being a good sport and getting me started on fanfiction.

Rick R. Mortis' thanks: Mark Foster for some early encouragement and for throwing BGShift at us, Mainframe Entertainment for the Beast Wars cartoon that I have been abusing, Mike Surbrook for the very speccy pics of Rebecca and Natasha (must wipe that dribble off the keyboard), The Robotech Message Board for much encouragement, Matthew Goodbar for being the basis for Matt Brady and Mark Seldon for being partially responsible for unleashing Rebecca on the universe.

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